TECOS SAS , is a well-established agency representing 21 leading Italian and Worldwide manufacturers of internationally recognized components for the SOLAR / HEATING , COOLING , WHITE GOODS & AUTOMOTIVE Markets . Main task is the development & strategic management of projects for our companies and customers.

Special attention is dedicated to INNOVATIONS and INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES , in particular with regard to ENERGY SAVING matters.
We do Technology scouting for patents and innovation within the Automotive, White Goods, Heating, Cooling markets and consultancy to large industrial groups about new technologies of high strategic interest .

Our focus is in servicing and supporting the OEM appliance, Heating equipment, White goods appliances , and manufacturing tech industries throughout the Italian and European market. Technologies we represent include:

A wide range of components for the Solar / Heating Market ( Pipeworks rigid – flexible – corrugated in copper /brass / aluminium / steel / stainless steel  , Valves and Miniballvalves for water and gas , Boilers / Tanks for the Solar Market or single components as Coils / Heat Exchangers or Convex Bottoms ) , Electronic and Elettromechanical Controls / Components ( Bulb & Capillary Thermostats, Rotary Switches , Bimetallic Thermostats , Electronic Igniters, Pressure Switches , Thermal Fuses , Electrodes and Gasvalves ) , Magnetic Water Conditioners against lime scale ( for Gas/Electrical Boilers, Coffee machines , White Goods Appliances ).